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According to the UN, the African continent is due to experience an immense population growth during the 21st century with its population more than tripling from one Billion to 3.6 Billion. Most of this population growth will take place in cities. Among the world’s 20 fastest growing urban areas, nine are located in Africa, with Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s biggest city, in the top ranks. An annual 130.000 people will move to Dar es Salaam each year.
With the vision of creating a platform for discourse on the transforming cities of East Africa, Camenzind (an Association based in Zurich) launched a workshop: “East Africa’s first architectural magazine: Camenzind goes East Africa,” that would produce an architectural magazine following the development of the region’s metropolis’. The aim of the workshop was both to produce the first issue of such a magazine, as well as establish a team that would sustain a biannual publication.
The workshop participants were a team of university students and recent graduates with interdisciplinary backgrounds in architecture, planning, and engineering; coordinated by experts from Tanzania and Switzerland.
Being that Dar es Salaam is in the top ranks in terms of growth, it was chosen as the suitable city to pilot the magazine - launching discussion on development in the region. The workshop was conducted in “Ebrahim 1937,” a historically elegant building, built in 1937 (as the name suggests) and the pavilion at the Goethe Institute in Upanga (many thanks!).


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Cover image: Morogoro road-Tanzania//Tassilo Letzel, In-page image:Dreaming bodies sketch//Patrycja Stal